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Steel Products

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Steel Product ................

We manufacture Cold Tundish Boards (Silica base, Magasite & Duplex), PreheatableTundish Boards, Hot Tops, Antipiping Compound, EBT Filling Mass, Nozzle opening Compound (Cr-base & Zr-Base), Ramming Mass, Monolithic, Castable, Refractory Packing Material.


Insulating disposable boards used to form a inner lining for continuous casting tundishes. This avoids the lengthy preheating process thereby helps in significant energy saving & refractory saving and improves the quality of steel by providing fresh ISOLIN lining every time the tundish is changed. ISOLIN also helps easy and quick deskulling of the tundish at the completion of the casting. Thus it reduces the tundish turn around time significantly and in turn helps to improve the shop productivity. ISOLIN boards are available in acidic, basic or duplex variety depending upon the need of individual steel maker.


Refractory packing mass used along with ISOLIN tundish boards. Helps in good sealing of the joints between the side and bottom ISOLIN boards thus eleminates scope of liquid metal penetration through the joints. ISOPACK becomes a soft mass after casting thus helps in easy deskulling.

Refractory air-setting material supplied in ready to use form. ISOSEAL used for sealing the joints between ISOLIN side boards liquid metal leakage behind the ISOLIN boards.

Insulating powder as cover of the liquid steel exposed surface in tundish to reduce heat loss due to radiation. COVEREX is also applicable to insulate the surface of liquid steel ladles.


is a carefully graded refractory nozzle filling compound which can be made tailor made as per requirement of customer's need for steel transfer ladle with slide gate system. As it posses selected granulometry and high refractoriness, it does not sinter when in contact with molten steel around 1600 ?C temperature with high ferrostatic head when kept in ladle nozzle-well cavity. Thus it results into free flowing of METAFIL-LD when slide gate is opened and it comes out freely or with minor oxygen lancing establishing a very smooth stream from the ladle. Depending on nozzle diameter as well as holding time of molten metal in ladle, granulometry of nozzle filling compound and chemical composition of refractory filler change.

is a graded carbon based material. It fills the cavity of tundish nozzle. This compound allows metal to follow out of tundish smoothly when slide gate is opened.


For standard applications METATOP hot topping systems are supplied as single piece, 4 pieces and 8 pieces assemmles comprising 4 side slabs and 4 corner pieces for medium and large size ingots varying from about 1 ton to over 25 tons. Different designs like " Inserted type", "Super imposed type", "Over-imposed type", etc, are available to suit various plant conditions.

Exothermic and Insulating anti-piping compounds are used with METATOP hot tops for killed steel ingots. These reduce loss of heat the top surface of the ingots and thereby delay the solidification of the head portion which helps feeding the shrinkage cavities.
Beside imparting sufficient heat into the hot top portion in initial stages COVEREX after burning expands significantly thus desirable insulation during the subsequent stages of solidification.
Air setting compound supplied in ready to use form applied to seal the joints between the mould and hot tops. The fast setting characteristic of the product helps in giving tight fit to the entire system and prevents it from floatation, boiling etc.

The benefit of yield increase using METATOP heading systems greatly exceeds the increased cost of the feeder head. [ Download ]

Castable Product ................

Low Cement Castables

METACAST (LC60) - Patching in ladle lining. Reheating furnace roof and wall casting [ Download ]
METACAST (LC70) - Patching in steel teeming ladle lining. Casting of launder and tundish lining. [ Download ]
METACAST (LC90)/METAROOF - Electric Arc furnace roof & wall casting. [ Download ]


METAMORTAR - 30 (Ordinary) - For brick laying of IS-6 quality & general purpose mortar. [ Download ]
METAMORTAR - 60 (high alumina) - For high Alumina brick laying & patching. [ Download ]
METAMORTAR - 70 (high alumina) - For high Alumina brick laying & patching. [ Download ]
METAREF - 70K (Special Mortar) - For fixing well block and nozzle in steel plant. [ Download ]
METAREF90K (Equivalent of SMA90) - For setting concast nozzle, ladle nozzle and for use in slide gate plate area. [ Download ]
METAREF95K - For setting porous plug, slide gate plate and for use in other critical area. [ Download ]

Conventional Castables

METACRETE (Equivalent to Firecrete) - For general purpose casting of low temperature furnace/hot chamber wall & repairing/ patching of the same. [ Download ]
METACRETE - SUPER (Equivalent to Firecrete-Super) ? Repairing/patching in lining of ladle in mini steel plant. [ Download ]
METACAST - 50 - Reheating furnace wall casting & other general purpose casting. [ Download ]
METACAST - 60 - Roof & wall casting of reheating furnace. [ Download ]
METACAST - 90 (Equivalent to Whytheat A & TatacastAH - Spl) - Patching /hot patching/general casting in steel ladle and furnace. [ Download ]

Thank you for showing interest in Metaflux. If you need any information please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always at your service. Just let us know the application in the steel making process and we will happy to suggest the best fitted product for the application.

Our Vision

To be preferred partner for the customer providing the greatest value.
To be highly respected industry leader with which all feel proud to be associated with.
We are in manufacturing and selling business of:
  • Chemicals and refractories for Integrated and Mini Steel Plants
  • Chemicals for Ferrous Foundries

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The Metaflux was founded in 1982. For the last twenty seven years it has been a saga of growth, expansion and achievement for us....